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Counter top water filter

3 Reasons for
drinking filtered water...

Counter Top Filtered Drinking Water
Filter Replacement

Three reasons to switch from 5 Gallon Bottles to WATER WORKS FILTRATIONS SYSTEMS.

1. Cost Savings
By eliminating the cost of renting a bottled water cooler and the cost of having the bottles delivered, clients can cut monthly costs by 20 to 75 percent. This does not take into account the cost of storage space for the full and empty bottles or the indirect labor costs to stock, deliver and change bottles.

2. Convenience
Filtered water systems can eliminate the hassles of monthly bottled water deliveries, storage space required for stockpiling bottles, the possibility of running out of water, and security issues with delivery people coming through an office.  There is also the possibility of injury and workers’ compensation claims as a result of lifting 42-pound bottles.

3. Improved water quality
WATER WORKS FILTRATIONS SYSTEMS improves the taste of your water by removing chemicals such as chlorine and arsenic from the municipal water source.   Our filtration systems also sanitize your drinking water by removing bacteria using ultra-violet sanitation in the water reservoir.