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Five gallon water coolers provide safe, clean drinking water, correct?  Brace yourself for a surprise.   Recent research reveals that such water coolers can harbor high levels of bacteria known to cause diarrhea and nausea in some people. According to the Tufts University Diet and Nutrition Letter, 10 out of 10 water coolers tested in Boston had bacterial counts much higher than the government recommended limits.  The problem is not the water itself.  The water delivered in the large 5 gallon clear plastic containers had a low bacterial count. But when it was dispensed through the cooling unit, the bacterial count skyrocketed.

Here is what happens. As each 5 gallon plastic bottle is loaded on the truck, the handler will grab the neck part of the bottle.  Then as it’s unloaded from the truck, the driver will also grab the neck of the bottle.  Each time the bottle is handled, unavoidable bacteria are transferred to the neck of each new bottle of water. 

The neck of each bottle is the part that gets stuck into the cooler’s water reservoir, or the well, which now has constant direct contact with the water.  The more water you use, the more often you change the bottle.  And, with each placement of a new bottle introduces more bacteria. Bacteria will also now adhere to the hot and cold water spigots.  Then, any water passing through the system en route to your glass becomes laced with a bacterial dose. While the average person might not get ill from downing a glass or two, young children, the elderly, and anyone whose immune system is compromised are more susceptible.

So, what is a thirsty, but health-conscious person to do? The solution is simple.

First, do not stop drinking water. It’s good for you.
Next, contact your local Water Works Filtration Systems representative to have an in-line filtered water system installed.
Then, take a refreshing cold drink of your new on demand filtered water, and enjoy!